The purest form of wood refinement


One of the characteristics of the unique dyeing process is that the colour remains permanently consistent throughout the entire veneer thickness.

This applies to all variants of CoCo Oak, which cover the whole brown colour spectrum from light brown (taupe) to almost black (nero).

The veneer retains a high degree of flexibility and even damage to the surface goes unnoticed, as the colour permeates the entire thickness.


The warm colours of CoCo Oak are suitable even for the most demanding applications and locations, as demonstrated by its use in concert halls, universities, high-end limousines and kindergartens. This is due to its increased durability and low TVOC concentrations as well as the many visual merits of the veneer.


Through further innovation and research we have been able to include a wide variety of colours in the range. These are manufactured using a near-natural process, causing them to resemble bog oaks or wood characterised by weathering as a result, without having to compromise the integrity of the veneer.


CoCo Oak is available in four shades: taupe, cognac, coffee and nero.

Thickness 0.6 mm | 0.9 mm | 1.5 mm

Raw Veneer

Finished Look


Raw Veneer

Finished Colour


Raw Veneer

Finished Colour


Raw Veneer

Finished Colour






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