the high end barnwood layon by Leitl Veneer


Real aged wood surface on a flexible sheet with a finished surface – ready to press on any board


Our natural aging process resembles the effect of time and weather on European Oak. The lively colour coming from the depth of the veneer, enhances the structure of the Oak. No pigments, stains or artificial colour used – scratches remain invisible.



The process of erosion emphasises the three-dimensional depth of the knots and cracks, resulting in a solid wood feeling.

Finished with a fine oil, for a natural touch and protection.



For CoCo Vero, we developed an HPL that avoids the struggles of fleece backings. Allowing quick and convenient pressing. The board joint emphasizes the sense of solid wood and allows easy installation over wide areas.


Thickness and Flexibility

Measuring 0.9 mm in thickness, our veneers are perfectly flexible and easy to roll, permitting box sizes containing up to five sheets and enabling convenient distribution, even of smaller quantities.

Barn Oak is available in shades of beige (Siena), scorched brown (Chimney), a more rich and darker brown (Antique) and a beautiful gray that appears aged by the elements (Driftwood).



Veneer thickness: 0.9 mm

total thickness: 1.5 mm

Standard dimensions:

285 cm x 122 cm

244 cm x 122 cm






Distribution: Rollable to a diameter of 29 cm – first solid appearance wood in a standard courier box

Siena Fragments

Chimney Fragments

Driftwood Fragments


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